McMurtry Automotive Spéirling electric hypercar for track and road

McMurtry Automotive Spéirling PURE,
the ultimate electric track car in its purest form

All the power and performance of the Goodwood record-breaking Spéirling fan car, ready for US tracks. A pure electric single-seater hypercar envisioned by one of Britain’s most successful businessmen and prolific inventors, Sir David McMurtry.

Size Matters

Inspired by the tenacity of cars of the past, the Spéirling occupies a footprint comparable to championship winning Formula 1 cars from the 1960s. From its small footprint to its sculpted aerodynamic body, the Spéirling states its intentions through lightness, range and a unique visual identity.

Performance Redefined

The Spéirling rubs shoulders with the giants of motorsport, combining the torque advantage of electric powertrains with never-before-seen pace through tight corners. The Spéirling takes inspiration from the legendary banned innovations of races past. Providing tonnes from a standing start, the Spéirling’s Downforce-on-Demand system holds the key to total track domination.

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